Some of my readers ask me about true independent rock producers… well, I bring you Rudraksh with this eargasm:

The track comes in the form of a new instrumental (emphasis on the -mental) track ‘Sang Bitana Rudraksh’ synth arrangements fade in and out of one another as Rudraksh adds a heavenly pad extension into the mix, resulting in a ride through rock soundscapes and off the wall production. Check out the track above and be on the lookout for more music from Rudraksh in the near future.

More info:

The band was founded by Sachin Sharma (Manager and Vocalist).It is a 7 piece band. The band makes innovative covers for many famous songs and is also creating and delivering classical fusion with rock over some raagas..

Band achievments:

Winners IIT Kanpur Antaragni Junoon 2013

Winners Requiem,15 , Manipal University

Winners (The biggest battle of bands organised by 95 FM tadka 13)

Runners Up At IIT-Bombay (Mood Indigo 2012)

Finalists of Channel V Launch Pad 2012

1st runners up in battle of bands IIT Roorkee 2012

Won Euphonius12 by Arya College.

Has won Woodstock competition in Udaipur and opened the stage for PARIKRAMA.2011

Won battle of bands (Rajasthan) in 2012 organised by YO YO Jaipur.

Has played numerous shows (corporate and college) in Rajasthan and abroad.

2nd runners up in RaddRock fest of LNMIIT 2012.

Is working for many Corporate Companies in Jaipur.

etc etc…

Rudraksh Facebook

Until next time,

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