Lets Get It Started

Two amazing new tracks from mi favorite Dutch boys!

(This video is COOL! The vibration gives me a little headache, but so do good parties always, don’t they? ;D)

I feel that I come across this name all the time: Tommy Trash. Amazing dude. Dope remixes with a unique rough sound, and he got his clear own style to do music. Luv it.

Wow, the past few days have gone by FAST! We’re celebrating midsummer here in Finland and it really is the best time of the year. I’m telling u, everyone should experience the midnight sun, one of the most amazing things in the world!

Well, let’s get down to business. In these beautiful times, I’ve been strongly focusing on lyrics. And here’s couple tracks that I looove from that point of view.

I listed random tracks that catch me the most at this very moment. Whataya think? Pick ur own favorites!


+ one extra track, out of the line but whoa whatta real gangsta! 😀


Another week has gone by, and I feel like i’d have tons of rhythms to post. Let’s start with these brand new radio poadcasts from the world top djs.

Hardwell, Dyro, Nicky Romero and Avicii all have published a new poadcast within couple of days. All pretty nice, pretty bouncy. Admittedly u can hear the phenomenon of similarity that has taken place in EDM. Hardwell’s and Dyro’s sets even starts with the exact same three songs! (Altought those songs are probably the best songs in the field at this very moment) Everything sounds quite the same these days, which is kinda sad. “If it’s popular, why take any risks”. That’s why I appreciate for example Avicii, who brang a whole country band with him in Ultra couple months ago. Country isn’t necessarily mi fav music genre, but the point is that no one else brang a band. Or played country. I’m also enjoying the african wibes in his new poadcast (link below), as well as the Hawaijian sound of Axwell’s new single Centre of the Universe (scroll to my earlier post).

Anyway, all these poadcasts work, no matter how same they sound. Point wasn’t to criticize, but enjoy music, as always. Ladies and gents, let me entroduce the tracks of this week:

Avicii – Le7els Episode 012

Dyro – Daftastic Radio 021

Hardwell – On Air 117

Nicky Romero – Protocol Radio #41


ps. Now you’re able to follow this blog in Bloglovin’! Seuraa blogiani Bloglovinin avulla. 😉

Hi u all!

Goddamn it: I finally did it, I started my own music blog!! Yes, I’ve blogged before, but this time i’m focusing purely on music, which is my passion, my lifestyle, my everything.

There’s already SoundCloud, there’s already Beatport, there’s Spotify: why even bother? Well first of all because, I’ve noticed that sometimes people may have difficulties to get started with all those new websites. Music is ment to be shared, so my humble aim is to collect all the great stuff in the same place and enjoy it with u guys. Feel free to comment! Pinkie promise, I won’t get mad if u disagree wiv me! 😀

Enough enough, down to business. I’m starting my blog with my new great love: Dyro. His a talented, young dutch playing progressive house with a new interesting vibe. Even though he has been in the field only couple years he has already collaborated with superstars like Tiësto and Hardwell, seriously not an idle fella! This guy dares to take risks and try new, which I admire enormously. Not only he’s a killer dj, but he has also produced and remixed couple serious club bouncers. Easyest way to get in touch with his work is to listen his Daftastic Radio – poadcasts, which can be found for example from iTunes. WORD! I’m dying to see this dude playing live, so welcome to scandinavia. NOW or immediately please!


So at the end, Daftastic Radio on itunes, and couple of my favourite tracks from him. Enjoy and have a nice Sunday!

A music-fanatic finnish girl sharing her thoughts about music, life and dreams. Ur gonna get mainly progressive house n electro, mixed with – basically everything!

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