The beautiful world of electronic music.

Djm know the way around these mellow sounds, it is another one of these skilled individuals to look out for. It’s a completely different experience from any other take on this Dj, and it had us hooked within seconds. A track that’s a little harder to glance over provides more ample fuel for your summertime playlist.

My name is DJM$ and I live in Seattle. My whole life I have been actively involved with music whether this was listening to it, playing it, dancing to it, or creating it classically or electronically. After a new love for EDM, I knew I wanted to extend my love for music, which led me to start DJng. I started becoming involved in the music community. Currently, I am in love with mixing all types of EDM including Trap, Electro house, Dubstep and Electronic and even Rap. I am working on perfecting creating my own songs. Today, I have a strong passion and want to keep adding on to my DJ skills through experience of playing at venues. I believe everyone should have the enlightening experience of listening to EDM and bass live, I want to provide that experience for all people.

What do you think?

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