Top 7 Songs From 2013 That Youre Ok With Not Ever Hearing Again Lifeofky Kys List

2013 was the year that catchy songs completely dominated our radios, Pandora stations, and Spotify stations.  You’ll hear that song, you begin to like it, you eventually memorize the lyrics, and then you and your friends drunkingly sing it at a club or at a really bad karaoke night at Applebee’s. At this point, the song is etched into your brain, and unfortunately for you, no matter how much you “like” the song, it just won’t leave your brain – AT ALL.

Between the 100,000 times your favorite radio station would play this song, all of the commercials that feature the song on tv, and the fact that it seems like EVERYBODY around you is singing it (including your weird uncle from Atlantic City), you realize that you have officially fallen victim to the Annoying Song Syndrome, or ASS. Yes, you have fallen victim to the ASS.

With that said, here are 7 songs from 2013 that went from a FAVORITE JAM to a song that you’d like to not hear in the year 2014…

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